njw.name/weather package

This package is a command that prints the weather forecast for a location, using either the Met Office or BBC as a source.

This is a Go package, and can be installed in the standard go way, by running git clone https://git.njw.name/weather.git and go install . from the weather directory.

Note that the location must be set manually from the Go code, see metdefid and bbcdefid. Relatedly, note that this was the first Go program I wrote. Look elsewhere for examples of best practise.


Usage: weather [-b] [-n int] [-v]

  -b    use bbc as data source (default true)
  -n int
        number of days to show (default 2)
  -v    verbose: show all weather details


Any and all comments, bug reports, patches or pull requests would be very welcomely received. Please email them to git@njw.name.


This package is licensed under the GPLv3. See the LICENSE file for more details.