SimplyRead is a simple program to remove unwanted distractions from webpages, in order to better enjoy reading on the web. It removes everything but the article from a webpage, displaying it simply and attractively.

The program is packaged as an extension for several web browsers, or as a standalone JavaScript program to integrate into other browsers.

Running it multiple times switches between showing the original page and the simple version.

This project is technically inspired by Arc90's Readability, but aims to be much simpler, faster, and more usable. More generally, it is inspired by Sean Birketts' The Gutenberg Elegies and Nicholas Carr's The Shallows.

"The ever-present awareness of possibility to either make or refuse choice, was to preempt my creating any meditative space for myself" - Sean Birketts, The Gutenberg Elegies

SimplyRead 0.8 source (sig)

SimplyRead 0.8 for Firefox (sig)

SimplyRead 0.8 for Chromium (sig)